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For those who don’t know (where have you been!?) this is another blog spiralling around the wild wild web, primarily focusing on Unified Communications topics. Whether that be some deep dive into Lync MCU functionality, or a heads up on an Exchange issue we have experienced in the field we’ve got you covered. We haveĀ five editors –Ā Simon Hammonds, Robin Mitchell, Ashley Moore, Joshua Ryder and Neil Cruickshanks.

Whilst all members of UCBlog are currently under the employment of Open Computer Systems Limited (OCSL), all contents of this site are completely independent of, and in no way express the opinion of our employer. All thoughts and opinions are the bloggers own.

Everything on this blog is for informational purposes and any solution or fix should be thoroughly tested before implementation.Ā  Anything used on this blog is entirely at your own risk.

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